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Austria is located in Central Europe. It is bordered by the following
countries: Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland to the west; the Czech
Republic to the north; Slovakia and Hungary to the east; and Italy and
Slovenia to the south. In size, Austria is slightly smaller than the state
of Maine.
In the mountainous areas of Austria, cold weather and snow are the norm.
Additionally, these regions frequently experience rain. The lowlands
experience warmer temperatures and some rain.
As of July 2000, the population numbered 8,131,111. Ninety-eight percent of
 the population is of German origin. The remaining two percent is a mixture
of Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian, Czech, and Slovak. The mixture of
nationalities is a result of the great age of the country when it was part of
the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the many battles fought over the years. In
total, there are 4,172,206 females and 3,958,903 males.
Of the total population, 78% of those in Austria are Roman Catholic; 5% are
Protestant, and 1% are Muslim and other religions.
The official name of the country is the Republic of Austria. Its capital
lies in Vienna. Austria has a president who serves as the head of state and
a chancellor who serves as the head of the government. The government style
is that of a federal republic.
Austria boasts the following natural resources: iron ore, oil, timber,
magnesite, lead, coal, lignite, and copper. Because of the timber available,
woodworking, carving, and other wood products are very popular. However,
currently, Austria is concerned with the timber. Degradation of forest
areas due to soil and air pollution have caused these concerns.
Agriculture in Austria produces various grains, potatoes, sugar beets, wine,
fruit, dairy products, cattle, pigs, and poultry.
Austria has a total of 6,123 kilometers of railway within its borders. Of
this total, 3,525 kilometers are electrified. The railroad is the major
means of travel.
Austria also has 200,000 kilometers of paved highway.
The country boasts 22 airports with paved runways and 33 airports with
unpaved runways. Austria offers air service to many major European capitals.
Austria has one heliport.
The major unit of currency in Austria is the Euro.
Facts and figures courtesy of CIA World Fact Book.


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