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International Students Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG)

The Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) is for very special situations where there is a critical and compelling need to assist a student who has had a sudden and major financial problem. It is not for chronic financial mismanagement, neglect, and abuse.  TPEG funding is limited and awards are usually very modest at best.  Awards are normally not made during a student’s first year as a student at Texas Tech.  Examples of important issues might be, but are not limited to, currency fluctuations in one’s home country, or a natural disaster in one’s home country which affects the economy and the financial services sector and, thus, a student’s ability to receive enough funds from his native country to pay his financial obligations here in the United States.  A TPEG is not meant to be used to pay required student fees.  It is not a scholarship and does not waive out of state tuition.  Any application for a TPEG must be correctly, rigorously, and timely documented. Without satisfactory documentation, an application will not be considered.  Students must present their TPEG application in person to the International Student TPEG Coordinator for review and discussion. 
International Students TPEG Application