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Invitation for Family/Friend Visit

The only family members who are eligible for a dependents immigration status are spouses and children (under the age 21) of the primary status holder. For other relatives or friends from home who may be invited to visit in Lubbock, the B-2 visitor for pleasure status is most common. There are no special forms from the University that are required for such visa applications. The student or scholar should write a letter of invitation. The Office of International Affairs cannot issue formal letters of invitation for visits of a student’s or scholar’s relatives or friends; however, the office can issue letters certifying student or scholar status at the University referencing the student’s or scholar’s invitation. Such letters of certification may be of assistance to the prospective visitors in applying for a B-2 visitor’s visa to enter the United States.

If the student or scholar will assist with the expenses of the visitors, separate documentation of such financial support should be provided for use in the visa application process. This documentation should include an employment letter from the department of employment if the student’s or scholar’s wages will be used to provide financial support for the visitor.

Students and scholars who want certification letters from OIA should complete the “Family/Friend Visit Request” form. The information provided on the form will be used to produce the letter. The “Family/Friend Visit Request” should be sent to the Office of International Affairs, MS 5004 or brought to the office in the International Cultural Center.

Questions should be directed to an International Student or Faculty Counselor at 742-2974.