Office of International Affairs International Student & Scholar Services

Hiring Process

Immigration issues should be considered in planning and conducting a search for candidates to fill professional positions at the University. Any questions concerning the impact of immigration on the hiring process can be addressed to the International Faculty Counselor or the Director of the International Student & Scholar Services Division (ISSS). The ISSS will process employment-based immigration applications for employees of the University.

Major Considerations:

1. If it is possible that the successful candidate for the position may need to go through Labor Certification for Permanent Residence at some time in the future, it is important that the job description and advertisement meet U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) standards.

2. Questions concerning immigration status or citizenship must not be asked in the application and interview process, nor should immigration and citizenship be considered in making hiring decisions.

3. Candidates who have questions concerning immigration issues and University procedures can be directed to contact the Office of International Affairs' ISSS Division.

4. As soon as possible after the offer and acceptance of a position, the hiring unit should initiate the verification of employment authorization and any necessary immigration process.