Office of International Affairs International Student & Scholar Services I-9 Information Guide

FORM I-9 Guide

1. This guide is intended to help you, acting as the employer representative, to complete Form I-9 with new University employees starting work in your area.
2. When you hand the blank I-9 to the employee, you must make the other two sheets (1. "Instructions" and 2. "List of Acceptable Documents") available as well. They are actually part of the government form.
3. When to complete Form I-9? You and the new employee may complete the I-9 before employment begins. You must complete it no later than the third business day of employment. You cannot complete it prior to the job being offered and accepted.
4. Who does what? The new employee must complete Section One, but may be helped by someone who signs the "Preparer and/or Translator Certification." If you write anything in Section One, you have to fill out the "Preparer and/or Translator Certification." Section Two must be completed by you, the employer representative. If the new employee writes in any part of Section Two, that will invalidate the form, and you'll both have to start again with a blank form.
5. Leave no blanks. The new employee must complete all blanks in Section One, including zip codes, and must check one of the three boxes (citizen, permanent resident, or alien). You must complete all of Section Two, even if you will be attaching photocopies that make the information obvious. Don't overlook the date employment began or will begin.

Section 1. Employee Information and Verification B completed by NEW EMPLOYEE
1. The new employee must complete Form I-9 in person to verify identity and provide original supporting documents. Supporting documents should be copied and handed back to the employee. Attach your copies to the I-9.
2. Don't tell or suggest what documents the employee should present.
3. A new employee who has applied for a Social Security number but not yet received it should write "Applied For" in the box intended for the number. When the employee receives the number, you must cross out "Applied For," insert the number, and initial and date the change.
4. An alien's Admission number is the eleven-digit serial number on his/her I-94 Departure Record card.

Section 2. Employer Review and Verification B completed by YOU
1. Don't over document. If, in Section 2, you enter a document in List A, then you may not make any entries in List B or List C. Copy only those documents that you use for the I-9. If the employee offers you more documents than necessary, request that the employee choose which documents you use on the I-9.

2. The new employee does not have to provide documents showing the "authorized to work until" date he/she wrote in Section 1. For example, an alien authorized to work would have to write an expiration date in Section 1, but would be free to give you a photo ID and an unrestricted Social Security card to complete the I-9 verification.

Section 3. Updating and Reverification
1. If the new employee is an alien and writes an employment expiration date in Section 1, you, as the employer representative, are responsible for having that worker reverify by that expiration date. This will require a "tickler file."
2. For each reverification you may use a new Form I-9. Write the employee's name and social security number at the top, but leave the rest of Section 1 and all of Section 2 blank, and complete only Section 3. Enter either a List A item or else a List C item (List B, which proves identify, is not necessary). Forward this new I-9, with copies of supporting document(s) attached, to Personnel. In your "tickler file" enter the new expiration date (if any) now shown in Box C of Section 3, to remind you to do another reverification by that date.
3. The employee may use a different document to reverify. For example, an employee who showed you a passport for the original I-9 is free to give you a Social Security card for reverification.
4. If, for reverification, the employee gives you a document with no expiration date (for example a Social Security card for List C), further reverifications are not required or permitted.