Office of International AffairsICASALS

Arid Land Studies

Track 1: Arid Land Studies

Agricultural Science and Natural Resources

Watershed Management (RWFM 5317) Required

Ecology of Grazing Lands (AGSC 5303)

Precision Agriculture (PSS 5329)

Soil and Plant Relationships (PSS 5333)

Soils and Crops in Arid Lands (PSS 5334)

Advanced Range Ecology (RWFM 5310)

Advanced Non-game Ecology and Management (RWFM 5322)

Aerial Terrain Analysis (RWFM 5404)

Imagery Interpretation for Natural Resources Management (RWFM 6303)

Geospatial Techniques in Natural Resources Management (RWFM 6305)

Physical Sciences

Seminar in Geography of Arid Lands (GEOG 5306) Required

Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 5300)

Remote Sensing of the Environment (GEOG 5301)

Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 5302)

Seminar in Regional Analysis (GEOG 5309)

Petrophysics (GEOL 5325)

Digital Imagery in Geosciences (GEOL 5341)

Spatial Data Analysis and Modeling in Geosciences (GEOL 5342)

Weather, Climate, and Applications (ATMO 5302)

Water Resources and Environmental Toxicology

Water Resources Management (CE 5366) Required

Surface Water Hydrology (CE 5361)

Groundwater Hydrology (CE 5363)

Groundwater Transport Phenomena (CE 5364)

Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment (CE 5394)

Environmental Impact Analysis (CE 5396)

Environmental and Wildlife Toxicology (ENTX 6361)

Advanced Environmental Toxicology (ENTX 6366)

Procedures and Techniques in Ecological Risk Assessment (ENTX 6371)