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ICASALS Involvement

ICASALS Associates bring together the sciences, technologies, humanities and the arts, with emphasis on applied research and education in the arid land regions. Research information is obtained through ICASALS participation in international programs and developmental research conducted by Associates and ICASALS staff. ICASALS has attracted visitors from more than 100 countries who are interested in the continuing research and technical assistance activities.

Since its founding, ICASALS has worked with numerous faculty members in research, symposia, conferences, publications, consultancies, and international programs and projects. ICASALS has arranged formal affiliations with universities and research centers in all areas of the world, including Turkey, Jordan, Mexico, Egypt, Colombia and the Peoples Republic Of China. ICASALS Associates have participated in research projects involving the Word Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and other funding organizations. ICASALS continues to expand Texas Tech's involvement in the Consortium for International Development (CID). As Texas Tech's institutional representative to CID, ICASALS submits proposals for externally funded development contracts and arranges short-term overseas consultancies and long-term assistance projects.

Other social, cultural and technical activities of ICASALS include the Women in Development Committee (WID), international management workshops, and a number of conferences and symposia on various topics related to arid lands.

ICASALS administers an interdisciplinary master's degree option in arid land studies. An arid lands option is also available on the doctoral level for the degree in land-use planning, management and design. ICASALS has educational materials including archived special collections of printed material and art collections related to arid lands.