Office of International Affairs International Student & Scholar Services List of Forms

Important Immigration FORMS

Important DHS Forms

OPT Notification Forms


Academic Advisor's Recommendation for Extension F-1

International Student TPEG Application

Academic Advisor's Recommendation for OPT

Nonimmigrant Student Scholarship/Fellowship Information

Application for J-2 Dependent

Notification of Alternative Full-Time Enrollment

Application for Release of Registration Hold

Notice of Termination of Employment

F-2 Dependent Information

17 Month OPT Extension Forms:

Family/Friend Visit Request

Graduate Dean's Recommendation for Extension

Request for Employment or Visit of a Foreign National

H-1B Information Sheet

Request for J On-Campus Employment Authorization

Incoming F-1 Transfer Form

Sample "Advisor's" Letter for Curricular Practical T (CPT)

J Program Completion and Departure

Sample Letter of Request for J-2 Employment Authorization

Mexican Tuition Assistance

SEVIS Transfer Release Form


I-20 Request Form