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Getting Approval for International Travel

For all faculty, staff and students: please complete the following steps to get approval for an International Travel Application (ITA) and to prevent your ITA from being returned.

(The steps below do not apply to the faculty, staff or students going abroad through a study abroad program organized by the TTU Study Abroad Office.)

– then proceed to write the purpose of the trip

For Faculty/Staff only:

For Students only:
The procedures below apply to all STUDENTS TRAVELLING ABROAD for any TTU related reason (e.g., conference, research, competition, etc.), in any status (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, supported by scholarships or assistantships, etc.) and with any citizenship (i.e., US or international):

For liability and insurance purposes, all students are required to complete the two forms cited above before their departure on any international travel.
Please send the three signed/notarized documents together to Gay Riggan MS 5004:

If you have any question, please contact Gay Riggan at or phone: 806.834-8812