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Strategic Plan


The Office of International Affairs (OIA) supports and facilitates the international mission of Texas Tech University. It provides services for faculty and students and offers international educational and cultural experiences for the university and community and is a major contributor to the globalization process of the university and its growing reputation as a major international educational and research center.


The Office of International Affairs will enhance TTU’s reputation as an institution of international renown by reaching out to the alumni, University, and regional communities to promote international themes and to strengthen the international component of the curricula, research, and student/faculty activities.



The four units that are housed within the Office of International Affairs—International Student Scholar Services, Study Abroad, K-12 Global Education Outreach, and International Cultural Center Operations—work together to promote various aspects of globalization and to enhance educational opportunities at TTU.

1. Increase Enrollment and promote success

International Students and Scholar Services:
The ISSS unit houses an international undergraduate recruiter, a position which in the last two years has contributed to the increased enrollment of international undergraduate students. Our unit has worked to increase overall nonimmigrant student enrollment to 1761 students during fall 2011. This number includes 1315 graduate students, 382 undergraduate students, and 64 Intensive English students. This includes 120 nonimmigrant sponsored students. These figures can be further broken down to identify 413 new students and 1348 returning students for fall 2011. This number has steadily increased since 2006 when there were 202 international undergraduates and 872 international graduate students.

The ISSS office also staffs 6 Designated School Officials that are responsible for maintaining all of the records on international F Visa students in compliance with rules of the Department of Homeland Security, and 7 Responsible Officers for the University’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. They are the people who help these students maintain their status and provide them with immigration documents. They are also responsible for the University’s compliance with immigration requirements of the Department of State and Homeland Security. They are responsible for advising not only students, but also University departments regarding work authorizations. This includes human resource and tax compliance advisement on the I-9 process and employment regulations.

Study Abroad:
The Study Abroad Unit had 917 students abroad during 2011. There were 317 students at the Seville Center during this time. There were 39 faculty-led programs involving 575 students and about 60 faculty members in 22 countries abroad.

2. Strengthen Academic Quality and Reputation

International Students and Scholar Services:
Our international scholars counselors handle international scholars who are at Texas Tech University on J Visas and various employment-based statuses. This has helped to recruit scholars from around the world who are teaching and/or doing research at Texas Tech University. This helps to strengthen the quality of academic units throughout the campus by offering intercultural education, as well as promoting a positive reputation for Texas Tech in various countries.

Study Abroad:
The study abroad unit sends students to prestigious institutions all over the world. For example Oxford University and Cambridge University; Ritsumeikan and Sophia Universities in Japan (both Ivy league institutions); University of Sydney and Melbourne University, two of the top universities in Australia; Norwegian University of Science & Technology, the MIT of Norway, to name a few. During the 2011 calendar year, we had students at Sophia University, University of Sydney, and University of Science & Technology, Norway.

International Cultural Center Operations:
The internationally significant speakers and art exhibits that the ICC hosts each year enhance and strengthen TTU’s reputation as a culturally rich and diverse institution.

3. Expand and enhance research and Creative Scholarship

International Cultural Center Operations:
Our office brings in international students and scholars who participate in research. The international student body spans most every department on campus.

Study Abroad:
Texas Tech University students have the opportunity to do undergraduate research at 12 sites in Europe and many other sites in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East. We had one TTU student involved in undergraduate research during 2011.

4. Further Outreach and Engagement

International Students and Scholar Services:
ISSS conducts optional practical training workshops for F1 visa students. This training is an employment opportunity that is directly related to their specific area of study and enhances their education. This unit also facilitates immigration seminars conducted by prominent immigration attorneys. Along with these things our international student counselors act as a liaison for international students and various international interests. This provides an opportunity for outside entities to communicate with the TTU international student body and various international organizations.

Study Abroad:
Statistics show that study abroad opportunities influence students as they are considering which university to attend. We also see that students who study abroad have a higher retention rate than those who do not. We made class presentations to about 8,838 students during this academic year and will participate in all RRO sessions summer, 2011. We will continue to open various events to the public and students to further educate them on study abroad opportunities and their benefits.

International Cultural Center Operations:
In 2011 nine art exhibits with international themes were mounted at the International Cultural Center and receptions were held for each, six speakers presented well-attended talks on international themes of particular interest and relevance, we collaborated with CMLL to bring in a speaker from the University of Zacatecas, we collaborated with committee members from Lubbock’s annual Spring into Green conference to bring in an authority on rainwater conservation, the office hosted international coffee houses for students and faculty members, an annual dia de los muertos procession was held in collaboration with the School of Art and two local art centers, we co-sponsored an international talent and fashion show and an international food festival, and the annual GREEN award was presented to a local teacher for the best project promoting good environmental practices in grades K-12. All the aforementioned events were open to the public as well as to faculty, staff, and students, and with the exception of the talent and fashion show and food festival, all were offered free of charge.

K-12 Global Education Outreach:
The Office of International Affair’s K-12 Global Education Outreach (K-12 GEO) provides international and globally focused programs for K-12 students, as well as community members and college students in the West Texas area. Our programs and special events have participants from local and area schools, private schools, home-schools, Women’s Clubs, Lubbock Community Center Summer Programs, Girl Scouts, TTU and LCU College of Education’s pre-service teachers, church organizations, local businesses, and TTU international students.

During the last year the K-12 GEO served a total of 13,819. 9,126 were K-12 students; 4,693 were teachers, parents, college students, and community members. We presented 113 programs which help prepare K-12 students and the community to live in an increasingly interconnected world. Our outreach also encourages students to attend Texas Tech University and to study abroad during their college career.

5. Increase and maximize resources

International Students and Scholar Services:
The ISSS office contributes to the University revenue stream by increased international student enrollment.

International Cultural Center Operations:
In 2011 473 events were held in the International Cultural Center, generating $44,773.81 in revenue: 97 were outside events (not TTU or TTUHSC related), 81 were TTU or TTUHSC events, and the remaining 295 were OIA related.

Study Abroad:
TTU students participating in TTU study abroad programs received more than $55,000 in scholarship funds from external sources. These students can also apply for the Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship; the funds for this scholarship are derived from a $4 fee which all TTU students pay each semester.

K-12 International Education Outreach:
The K-12 International Education Outreach charges a minimal fee for our K- 12 programs. Our programs for community outreach and to college classes are offered at no-charge. We offer our programs at such affordable prices in an effort to encourage great relationships between school districts and TTU faculty in an effort to better help students fully understand global education and the importance of higher education.